The future of cities at your fingertips

Access precise forecasts of urban developments to make well-informed and sustainable decisions. Instantly available for any place.


Accurate data to support your workflows

The development of our cities is driven by various factors. We model these dynamics based on a fusion of satellite imagery, historical maps, and governmental data.


Our models predict population shifts and gentrification at building-level resolution, split by age and gender.

Urban sprawl

See where construction is likely to happen in the city, taking zoning plans and regulatory information into account.

Economic activity

coming soon

Access projections of purchasing power and spending habits to plan your business expansion.


coming soon

We predict future traffic patterns based on population development, commercial activity, and historical traffic data.

Need a custom solution?

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The platform to understand urban developments

We help you to make the best decisions for your organization. Access the raw forecasts or use our web app to enrich them with other datasets.

Features 01

Analyze changes over time

Combine the forecast layers with additional features such as natural properties, reachabilities or risk indices.

  • 20+ data layers
  • 5 years forecasted
  • Search for locations by criteria
Features 02

Download the data

Export raw forecasts into various formats, or use our powerful APIs to connect your applications.

  • Raster and vector formats
  • Fixed cost per km²
Features 03
coming soon

Train custom models with your data

Incorporate your data and create custom models based on our geospatial database.

  • A no-code environment to train AI models
  • Your data is encrypted and treated strictly confidentially

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